Sunday, October 23, 2011

Naming Patterns in England, 1700-1875

  • 1st son -- father's father
  • 2nd son -- mother's father
  • 3rd son -- father
  • 4th son -- father's eldest brother
  • 1st daughter -- mother's mother
  • 2nd daughter -- father's mother
  • 3rd daughter -- mother
  • 4th daughter -- mother's eldest sister

Younger children would be named after earlier ancestors, but the pattern in their case was more varied.

One variation from the above was for the eldest son to be named after the mother's father and the eldest daughter after the father's mother. In this case the second son would be named after the father's father and the second daughter after the mother's mother. Occasionally the second son and daughter would be named after the father and mother instead of the third son and daughter. Another variation was to name the third daughter after one of the great-grandmothers instead of after the mother. In such a case, the fourth daughter would usually be named after the mother.

(Are you confused yet???)


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