Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get In Sync

Family Insight is a third-party program certified to synchronize information with FamilySearch. It is a tool created to help reconcile and consolidate multiple records for the same ancestors. With Family Insight, you can compare your database with the records in the new FamilySearch family tree.
  • You can add information to your file from FamilySearch. You can: Choose to replace information in your file with better information; add additional information that enhances your record; add additional relatives to your file, such as children, spouses or parents; mark your records with the FamilySearch ID for future reference.
  • You can add new information and people from your file directly into FamilySearch. There is no need to type each person into FamilySearch. Family Insight will do it for you. Relationships will be linked as you add these people. To prevent duplication, Family Insight will search for your person before you add them.

To learn more about Family Insight, and to take video tutorials, go to There is a one-time fee for the download.

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